Ahmed K. Dents

Smooth Jazz After Dark Host

August 17, 2017

Ahmed is on air weeknights from 7PM to MIDNIGHT Monday through Friday. Smooth Jazz After Dark!!  

"My Dad listened to a lot of straight ahead Jazz. My brother, a whole lot of R&B and Funk. I loved all of it and of course Hip Hop was my thing but it was my sister that planted the Smooth Jazz seed in me whether she knows it or not. Coming out of my senior year at Mira Mesa High School I loved Smooth Jazz 98.1 KIFM. It was just seriously chill music. I could turn it on and think (or not). It was the music that help get through very hard times in the late 90's. Every Friday at 5PM Kelly Cole would play The Glen Miller Orchestra's In the Mood to signal the official beginning of the weekend."

He also starts your weekend off the right way from 10am until 2pm! 


He has interviewed artists like Stanley Clarke and Bobby Caldwell!