Smooth Life Hacks

Smooth Life Hack: Holiday Shopping

With thanks to Sunny 98.1's Gene Knight... We all like to save money, especially around the holidays. Well, if you have any expired coupons, you might want to hang on to them. A lot of stores will honor coupons they sent you in the mail, way past the expiration date! Of course, it's a good idea not...
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Black Pearl Sings!

Inspired by the real-life musical partnership of historian John Lomax and legendary folk singer-guitarist Lead Belly, Black Pearl Sings! comes to the Lyceum Space courtesy of the San Diego Repertory Theatre . Playing now until December 17th! Check out to check dates and time HERE . Smooth Jazz KIFM...
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Smooth Life Hack: Feeling Nauseous?

With thanks to Sunny 98.1's Gene Knight... Feeling nauseous? Here's a household tip that will help... Smell some rubbing alcohol. It relieves the nausea almost immediately!
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